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What is included?

  • Transportation to each brewery and back to the pick-up point.
  • Each tour goes to 4 breweries.
  • A variety of up to 11 beers, ranging from tasters to full pints.
  • Free snacks.
  • Free water.
  • Fun.
  • Although you may get a tour of the actual facilities, we do not guarantee it. We are a beer-centric tour, not brewery facilities centric tour experience. Our focus is on getting you to sample as many of the beers made in New York City's breweries as possible. We want to help you discover your new favorite beers!

What is required?

  • Please bring government issued ID, to verify age and identity.
  • We also recommend that you eat before the tour as we don't want you to have alcohol on an empty stomach.
  • No open toe shoes please (its a brewery insurance thing).
  • Willingness to have a good time.

Where is the pick-up point?

Our tours leave on time, so please arrive 15 minutes early. If you are not there, you will have to arrange your own transportation to the first stop.
The pick up point is in Chinatown at: Grand street and Chrystie street:

  • Subway stop: Grand street and Chrystie street. Take the B or D train

    What if the weather is bad?

    • Rain,Shine or Zombie apocalypse...Unless the streets are unsafe, physically closed and or the breweries themselves are closed, in which case we will notify you as soon as we know and which of course means a 100% refund - we will be running and enjoying.

    What if I can't make it or need to cancel?

    • We have a 5-day cancellation policy. Call us 5 days prior to the tour you booked and you can reschedule to next open slot or you can get a 100% refund. If you've booked for a group, you will get a refund for any member of your group that cannot make it.

    Intoxication Policy

    • Being visibly intoxicated before the tour will be cause to deny you entry. Please don't pregame. During the tour anyone failing to listen to instructions or causing physical or emotional harm to anyone else or to any property will be removed from the tour - no refund will be provided. We take your safety and that of our crew, and the staff and patrons of the breweries seriously. While we are laid back and want you to have fun, we take this policy very seriously.

    Can you drink in the van?

    • Drinking is strictly reserved for the breweries.

    How long are the tours?

    • Each tour is approximately 5 hours.

    What is the itinerary for each tour?

    • The breweries we visit change and grow all the time. When you book you will be able to see which ones we are visiting on that particular tour.

    How big are the tours?

    • Our van, the “Brewber Mobile”, seats 14 passengers. If your group is bigger please contact us so that we can accommodate you.

    Could my tour get canceled?

    • Doubtful, but if it is you are eligible for a 100% refund. We will contact you ASAP and let you know.

    We are available for Private and Corporate Events

    • Please contact us and let us know of your needs.
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